Marine environmental services

Program design and management for urban, rural, and industrial applications

As our shorelines contend with rising sea levels, increased development, and a growing diversity of commercial and industrial uses, Archipelago is helping coastal communities to plan and design for tomorrow’s changing environment. Archipelago helps government, industry, and municipal groups to balance the needs of our seaside communities with the environmental requirements of our near-shore and offshore marine habitats.


Sustainable development

Planning and design

Coastal planning represents an increasingly critical aspect of a balanced environmental-management portfolio. Archipelago offers a range of services to help identify and address sustainable-development priorities for commercial businesses, residential developments, industrial work sites, and more.


Surveys and assessment

Surveys and assessment

When planning a project or activity, environmental surveys can help to mitigate the impact on intertidal and subtidal coastal habitats. Archipelago offers a range of environmental assessment services for nearshore and offshore development, including shoreline protection and remediation projects.

Monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation

As part of a sustainable development strategy, Archipelago can monitor the marine environment before, during, and after construction activities to help minimize disruption to nearshore marine habitat. Long-term monitoring is also available to evaluate the effectiveness of habitat mitigation and compensation strategies.

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