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Dependable monitoring for fishing vessels at sea

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EM Observe™ monitoring system

Archipelago provides everything you need for a complete at-sea electronic monitoring (EM) system. Suitable for anything from small inshore fishing boats to large pelagic vessels, the Archipelago® EM Observe™ electronic monitoring system includes a GPS receiver, multiple equipment sensors, and up to eight digital video cameras, all linked to an onboard control centre.

Equipped with Archipelago’s EM Record™ data logging software, EM Observe manages and logs fishing activity data, while providing wheelhouse crew with a real-time view of key fishing activities on deck. All video, sensor, and GPS data is recorded securely to a portable hard drive, where it can be retrieved once the vessel reaches port, and reviewed using the EM Interpret™ data review software. An option to encrypt fishing activity data ensures that all information remains safe and secure. As part of an integrated fishery-management program, EM Observe provides the tools to create a clear and accurate profile of all fishing activity at sea.

Industry-proven technology

Quiet, compact, and reliable, each EM Observe system incorporates the highest-quality components, including rugged, weatherproof video cameras, GPS, uninterruptable power supply, and gear sensors to monitor and record key fishing activities.

  • Confirm the exact time and location of each fishing event
  • Configure each system to suit specific vessel, gear type, and activities
  • Monitor fishing, sorting, locations and more

Ideal for vessels where an onboard observer would be too costly or impractical, the EM Observe™ electronic monitoring system offers a versatile and cost-effective monitoring alternative.

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