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The ocean experts

Managing ocean resources since 1978

Responsible fisheries management

At-sea observers, dockside verification, and monitoring technology for commercial fisheries

Environmental stewardship

Research, planning, and design for sustainable coastal development and industry

At-sea observers

At-sea observers

Industry-certified review and reporting of fishing procedures, catch, bycatch and discards at sea


Dockside monitoring

Dockside monitoring

Independent monitoring, assessment, and evaluation of catch offloaded at the dock


Installing an EM camera

Electronic monitoring

Technology and programs for automatically profiling fishing locations and activities at sea


Marine environmental services

Environmental consulting

Complete program design and management for sustainable coastal development


Archipelago: program design, management, and reporting services

For more than four decades, Archipelago has helped fisheries, coastal communities, and industry regulators to implement sustainable practices through atsea and dockside observer programs, electronic monitoring technology, and marine environmental services.

Archipelago’s fishery monitoring programs are optimized for each fishery, vessel, and gear type; employing human observers or automated alternatives as appropriate. As Western Canada’s largest and longest running observer–services company, Archipelago has led the development of video–based fishery monitoring alternatives for more than a decade; today, the company’s varied portfolio of fishery monitoring programs and services extends throughout North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and beyond. 

Archipelago also provides marine environmental services to help government, industry, and municipal groups balance the needs of our seaside communities with the requirements of the marine environment. Services include coastal planning for commercial businesses, residential developments, and industrial work sites; surveys and assessment for near–shore and offshore development; and monitoring and evaluation of  the marine environment—before, during, and after construction activities—to help minimize disruption to marine habitat. 

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“Archipelago understands the fishing industry; they respect fishermen and know how to plan, implement, and integrate at-sea fisheries monitoring programs.”
Linda Behnken

Executive Director, Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association