Case studies

A portfolio of marine resource management services

Archipelago maintains a varied portfolio of marine resource management programs and services for fisheries, governments, and coastal communities. These case studies illustrate a few of Archipelago’s many applications featuring fisheries monitoring technologies, observer programs (at sea and dockside), and marine environmental planning, assessment and evaluation. 

Fisheries monitoring technology

Building on nearly 40 years in the commercial fishing industry, Archipelago has led the development of CCTV-based fisheries monitoring technology for more than a decade. Monitoring applications range from small–scale pilot projects to fleet–wide fully documented fisheries programs. These case studies illustrate just a few of these applications.

Fisheries observers

As Western Canada’s largest and longest running observer services company, Archipelago has trained and provided certified at-sea observers for commercial fishing vessels since 1985, and set the standard for dockside monitoring services since 1989. These  case studies illustrate the range of Archipelago’s at-sea observer and dockside monitoring programs.

Marine environmental services

Archipelago provides marine environmental design, assessment, and management services for urban, rural, and industrial applications. Services include coastal planning, sustainable development, marine environmental assessment, environmental monitoring, evaluation and more. These case studies illustrate some of these services.