South Georgia Longline Fisheries Monitoring

Project Overview:
This program started as a pilot, with a pioneering company in the fishery. After demonstrating the success in data collection and value of the data, the government of South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands made electronic monitoring a license requirement. Individual vessel owners are now required in their license agreements to have a functional EM system installed and operating 100% of the time while fishing. Monitoring elements include compliance, fishing effort and catch/bycatch composition. 2021 is the end of the first 4 year license series with this requirement.

Australia Fisheries Management Authority Commonwealth EM Program

Project Overview:

Archipelago delivers a full range of EM services to several national fisheries in Australia. These include the Eastern and Western tuna and billfish fisheries (pelagic longline) as well as the groundfish hook and trap fisheries (gillnet and auto-longline. This is a mandatory program contracted by the fisheries agency, funded through service levies collected by government from industry quota holders. This program has been in place since 2014 and provides a full range of EM services to these fisheries on a year-round basis and covers about 80 vessels.