About Archipelago

Established in 1978, Archipelago is a global provider of marine resource management products and services.

From its headquarters in Victoria, British Columbia, the company’s team of 175+ industry professionals helps commercial fisheries, industry regulators, and coastal communities to efficiently monitor and sustainably manage our shared ocean resources.

Archipelago services include observer services (at-sea and dockside), electronic monitoring programs and equipment, and marine environmental services.

For more than 40 years, Archipelago has earned a reputation for objectivity, reliability, and professionalism through a varied portfolio of applications serving North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and beyond.


We work collaboratively around the world to better understand and sustainably manage our shared marine resources.


  • Integrity: We act with principle and honesty, upholding trust and truth in all of our relationships.
  • Innovation: Through creative vision and teamwork, we respond to client and employee needs with sustainable, innovative solutions to complex issues.
  • Accountability: We take ownership and responsibility of our decisions and our actions.
  • Respect: In all that we do, we value the diversity of people, issues, and points of view.
  • Community: We embrace mutually supportive relationships, which strengthen our social and environmental communities.


Based in Victoria, with offices in Australia and each of British Columbia’s busiest fishing ports, Archipelago’s staff of biologists, at-sea observers, dockside monitors, and technicians work with fisheries, industry regulators, and coastal communities around the world.


Just as Archipelago is committed to sustainable resource management within its products, services, and daily operations, Archipelago employees routinely volunteer their time and expertise to address social and environmental issues within their communities


As a research company with more than 35 years experience in sustainable marine resource management, Archipelago offers a panel of top industry consultants that can help you find sustainable, real-world solutions to sensitive fisheries and environmental challenges.