EM training

EM training for technicians and data reviewers

Electronic monitoring is a key element of any fully documented fishery, but the success of an EM program ultimately depends on the people who install and maintain the gear, use the equipment, and interpret the data. EM training ensures that all EM data is as accurate, relevant, and meaningful as possible. EM training delivers the skills and expertise necessary to help your organization achieve its electronic monitoring goals.

EM Technician (Level 1)

Learn to plan, implement, and maintain an effective electronic monitoring system using the EM Observe™ monitoring system. This hands-on course introduces the equipment, and teaches techniques to install, configure, and optimize each component for different types of fishing vessels:


  • EM system fundamentals
    Learn how to plan an EM system deployment. This section introduces the key hardware components, recommended assembly techniques, and custom software tools for data recording, troubleshooting, and monitoring system performance.
  • Installation and configuration
    Discover the best practices for installing EM hardware and configuring the EM Record™ data logging software. This section describes how to install, adjust, and configure the monitoring system, including cameras, sensors, and the GPS unit.
  • Performance Management
    Learn to diagnose and resolve hardware and software issues. This module teaches general maintenance and upkeep, demonstrates practical troubleshooting, and introduces strategies for ensuring data integrity and system dependability.

EM Data Reviewer (Level 1)

Learn to process and review fishing activity data quickly and efficiently using the Archipelago EM Interpret Pro™ software. This workshop introduces the software, and teaches time-saving strategies designed to help you get the most out of your EM system:


  • EM Interpret fundamentals
    Explore the EM Interpret interface, learn the basic procedures for loading and viewing sensor and imagery data, and discover how to review events and activities along a vessel cruise track. This section also introduces basic elements of video data playback.
  • Processing sensor data
    As you review EM data, you can create comments or annotations to help identify and flag specific activities or events such as fishing trips, gear sets, and gear hauls. This section introduces the various types of annotations and describes how to create, view, and edit them.
  • Viewing video imagery
    EM Interpret provides a range of ways for you to quickly navigate and review weeks of video data. Learn how to efficiently play and review video records, enter catch annotations, and configure shortcuts to suit your fishery’s reviewing requirements and standards.

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