Fisheries monitoring

Fisheries monitoring and reporting, at sea and dockside

Archipelago Marine Research works closely with fisheries, government regulators, and resource industry groups to deliver accurate, cost–effective fisheries monitoring and review programs. Based on more than 30 years experience, Archipelago’s custom fisheries–monitoring programs are optimized for each fishery, vessel, and gear type, employing human observers (at–sea and dockside), electronic monitoring alternatives, or both as appropriate.

As Western Canada’s largest and longest running observer–services company, Archipelago has led the development of CCTV–based electronic monitoring alternatives for more than a decade; today, the company’s varied portfolio of fisheries–monitoring programs extends throughout North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and beyond.

Fisheries at-sea observers

At-sea observers

Specializing in groundfish and shellfish, Archipelago’s certified at–sea observers enable commercial fisheries to ensure compliance with fishery regulations, while supporting in–season fishery management, stock assessment, and scientific research initiatives…

dockside catch monitoring

Dockside monitoring

Archipelago works with commercial fisheries to establish data–management standards, while providing trained and government certified shore–based observers to assist with fisheries data collection, species identification, and the integration of new technologies…

CCTV camera views of fishing activity

Electronic monitoring

As the industry leader in CCTV-based electronic monitoring products and services for commercial fisheries worldwide, Archipelago offers the tools, training, and expertise to monitor and review fishing activity at sea, affordably and effectively…