At-sea observers

Certified fisheries observers for commercial vessels

Monitor fishing activity at sea

As Western Canada’s largest and longest running observer-services company, Archipelago has trained and provided certified fisheries observers for domestic and international vessels since 1985. At–sea observers enable commercial fisheries to monitor compliance with fishery regulations, while supporting in–season fishery management, stock assessment, and scientific–research initiatives.

Observer services for fisheries:

  • Design and implement data collection and reporting programs
  • Gather, verify, analyze, and report on biological and commercial catch data
  • Develop customized onboard catch and biological sampling procedures
  • Provide specialized training, procedural documentation, and equipment
  • Produce detailed cruise reports and program summaries

Archipelago is listed with the Canadian General Standards Board and designated by Fisheries and Oceans Canada as a certified provider of at–sea observer services.

fisheries at-sea observer

Scientific research surveys

As a longstanding member of British Columbia’s scientific research community, Archipelago has provided fisheries and marine biological services to public and private sector clients since 1978.

The company’s collective experience in fisheries operations and near–shore marine habitat research encompasses all aspects of coastal development, commercial fisheries management, and a range of resource–based industrial applications operating along North America’s Pacific coastline. This comprehensive skill set and resource base provides the insight to accurately and impartially support the varied needs of industry clients, government regulators, and non–government organizations.


Scientific research services:

  • Collection of fisheries catch and biological data
  • Development of customized onboard catch and biological sampling procedures
  • Specialized training, documentation, and equipment for collecting and reporting fisheries data
  • Customized data collection and reporting
  • Customized electronic data entry, verification, and analysis
  • Timely verification and delivery of all data and biological samples