EM Interpret

Review fishing activity from your desktop

EM Interpret™ data review software

An at-sea fisheries monitoring system produces lots of data to sort, manage, and review; that’s why Archipelago created the EM Interpret™ data review software. With EM Interpret, reviewers can quickly follow vessel cruise tracks, verify gear deployment times and locations, and confirm “kept and discarded” catch records.

As a companion to the Archipelago® EM Observe™ electronic monitoring system, EM Interpret streamlines the review process, transforming months of sensor and video data into a clear and accurate assessment of fishing activity at sea. Click between GPS, video, and sensor data at any point; EM Interpret synchronizes all data along a single timeline for easy reference. Each application is custom configured to suit your specific fishery, gear type, and regional requirements including local map data, no-fish zones, and more.

Review. Verify. Report

Designed for professional fisheries reviewers and researchers, EM Interpret offers powerful data management and annotation features. Efficiently navigate weeks of fishing records to quickly spot relevant activities, add your own annotations, save video excerpts, and generate trip summaries for further analysis, reporting, or integration into a sustainable fisheries management program.

  • Monitor gear usage, engine status, environmental variables, and more
  • Determine fish types and lengths
  • Create trip summaries
  • Interpret key events or activities
  • Save reviewer comments as annotations
  • Export video or single-frame excerpts

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EM Interpret data reviewTo learn more about how you can use EM Interpret to efficiently review and report on your fishing activity records, contact Archipelago.