EM Record

Display video. Log data. Automatically.

EM Record™ data logging software

Manage, log, and view fishing activity data from multiple sources with the EM Record™ electronic monitoring software. Designed specifically for the Archipelago® EM Observe™ electronic monitoring system, EM Record monitors GPS, video cameras, and activity sensors on winches, pumps and lifts. A bright, clear display depicts fishing activity and equipment usage in real time, while relevant events and video footage are logged to create an integrated trip report for review and verification.

Optimized for ease of use on large or small vessels, EM Record’s high-contrast interface includes simultaneous video display from up to eight cameras, and configurable display options to suit a range of gear types and activities. A password–protected technician mode keeps key system settings secure.

Integrate video, sensors, and mapping

While recording fishing activity and displaying an overview for wheelhouse crew, EM Record can maintain a ship–to–shore data link that delivers regular updates of trip progress, fishing activity, and system status.

  • Customize operating modes for a range of fishing activities and gear types
  • Control the types of data to record and store
  • Create a record of key equipment usage and fishing activity
  • Track system performance for each trip
  • Monitor power supply conditions
  • Optimize video data storage

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EM Record data logging softwareFor more information on using the EM Record data logging software as part of an EM Observe monitoring system, contact Archipelago.