Fisheries monitoring programs

Monitoring and reporting programs for BC groundfish, geoduck, and salmon fisheries

Fisheries monitoring programs

Archipelago Marine Research facilitates a range of commercial fisheries monitoring programs within British Columbia, including the Groundfish Hook and Line/Trap Catch Monitoring Program, the Salmon Catch Reporting Program, and the Geoduck and Horse Clam Fishery Dockside Monitoring Program.

Groundfish monitoring

Groundfish hook and line/trap catch monitoring program

Archipelago provides monitoring services for BC’s Groundfish Hook and Line/Trap Catch Monitoring Program (GHLCMP). Visit the GHLCMP page for the latest fishery program notices, documents, and links.

Salmon catch reporting

Salmon (gillnet, seine, troll) catch reporting program

Submit salmon activity and catch reports (by e-mail) for BC gillnet, seine, or troll fisheries at Download your registration and logbook order form here:


Geoduck and horse clam fishery dockside monitoring program

Archipelago facilitates fishery coordination and dockside monitoring services for the Pacific Region Geoduck and Horse Clam Fishery. Visit for links to documents and notices related to this fishery program.