New Brand Merges Archipelago’s Existing Electronic Monitoring (EM) Tools and Applications and Sets the Stage For New Product Launches in 2022 and 2023


Victoria, BC (May 25,2022)

Archipelago, a global provider of marine resource management products and services, has announced its new FishVue EM product brand and the integration of its existing product lineup under this new brand. It also introduces its first new product under the FishVue brand, FishVue Mobile.

“With our current products and the introduction of new products and services in 2022 and 2023, we aim for the FishVue EM brand to become synonymous with the industry’s first, truly integrated, end-to-end electronic monitoring platform,” said Archipelago President and CEO, Gord Snell. “With so many advancements in the EM industry in recent years and new entrants bringing products to the table, the market has become cluttered with tools and platforms that are not compatible with each other and require complex integration. We are establishing a single platform of products that will provide end-to-end solutions for clients in fisheries of any size and at price points lower than our competitors.”

Along with introducing the new brand, Archipelago is announcing its first new product in the FishVue lineup, FishVue Mobile. FishVue Mobile is a tablet and phone-based EM platform that allows users to utilize Archipelago software on their own devices to capture single-camera imagery and positional data. When coupled with AI tools in development, FishVue Mobile will allow for automated detection of  fishing activity when it occurs. The data is then transmitted to a secure cloud to be stored and reviewed if required.

“Since its inception, the use of EM on vessels has typically been limited to fleets with larger vessels and those that could afford cutting-edge technology to monitor their catch,” said Mr. Snell. “With FishVue Mobile, we want to show that EM is affordable for all fleets and vessel types. We anticipate that most users of FishVue Mobile will pay less than $1,000 USD per year for a subscription to capture single-camera imagery and positional data during fishing events. This makes EM far more accessible to the industry than ever before.”

With the introduction of the FishVue EM brand, Archipelago will modify some existing product names to bring them under this new brand.

EM Interpret (EMI), Archipelago’s comprehensive analysis tool for reviewing EM data, will now become FishVue Interpret. The release of our next version of FishVue Interpret will take place in Q2. It will incorporate the new naming convention, user-interface updates, and some significant advancements within the software. In particular, the introduction of AI tools improves the efficiency of the data review workflow. There will be more announcements in 2022 relating to the integration of AI into FishVue Interpret and other areas of Archipelago’s EM data flow.

LIME is a low-cost data collection platform that allows users to collect and access fishery-related activities such as GPS and sensor data in near real-time. It will now become FishVue LIME and we will continue to market this product to small vessels without the space or requirements for a full-scale EM system.


FLOAT (Fishing Log on A Tablet) is Archipelago’s Android-based electronic fishing log application and has been in use since 2017 in numerous fisheries globally. It allows vessel operators to enter and submit their fishing log information electronically. It gives access to audits and species identification materials and retains log data from previous trips for future reference. This application will now become FishVue FLOAT, and we will continue to add new features and functionality in the coming months.

“The launch of the FishVue brand and FishVue Mobile is the first step in an ongoing campaign over the coming months to showcase to our clients the innovation we have been working on at Archipelago for the last two years,” explained Mr. Snell. “We are very proud to be introducing additional software, hardware, and AI-based products in 2022 that will allow more cost-effective access to EM for more fisheries.”

Archipelago has been partnered with Marine Instruments in Spain since 2017 to enable the ongoing advancement and implementation of electronic monitoring and technology around the world. As part of Archipelago’s roadmap for electronic monitoring, they intend to continue to work closely with Marine Instruments on the advancement of EM technology with cross-platform capabilities between the Marine Instrument product line and all FishVue products.

Archipelago pioneered EM in the late 1990s and has continued to be a global leader in advancing EM technology for more than 20 years. They currently support 500+ vessels carrying their EM products around the world. Through their data review software, EM Interpret (now FishVue Interpret), clients review more EM fisheries data each year than any other software tool globally.

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