FishVue LIME Registration Form

Welcome to FishVue LIME for the Dungeness crab fleet in California.

Our goal is to get you fishing as quickly and easily as possible with your new FishVue Lime unit. To make this happen, the first step is for you to request your LIME unit from Archipelago using the form below.

When you fill out this form, the information will be validated by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW). Once you are validated, they will notify Archipelago to ship you a no-cost FishVue LIME unit to the address you have provided in the form. If the State has any questions about the information you have submitted, they will reach out to you directly. Archipelago has no authority over the regulations or management of the fishery, so we are unable to answer any questions around your FishVue LIME request.

If there are any questions that need answering around this first step of the process, you can reach the California Department of Fish and Wildlife at

To learn about the next steps in this process, please CLICK HERE

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