Project Overview:
Archipelago is contracted by the BCCIGS to provide the services of dockside monitoring and electronic monitoring for the Ground fish Hook and Line Catch Monitoring Program (GHLCMP). This service involves the electronic monitoring (EM) of all fishing trips, and the monitoring of all offloads of ground fish landed by vessels participating in the program and verifying landed weights and numbers of pieces by species. An audit and data consolidation component of the program involves analysis of EM data, and integration of these data with DMP, hail and fishing logbook data to provide a consolidated data summary for fisheries management. Since its inception in 2006, the EM program within this fishery has clearly demonstrated how EM can effectively address a variety of monitoring issues, including retained and discarded catch identification, enumeration, and size determination, as well as time and area restrictions. This program is often used as a benchmark EM program example worldwide.