Project Overview:

Archipelago provides electronic monitoring equipment (EM) and services to groundfish trawl vessels in the Pacific region based on the management and monitoring requirements of the fishery. EM services consist of providing equipment and technical support, managing and processing EM data and sharing results with industry and DFO stakeholders. Program services involve collecting and processing electronic at-sea EM data, profiling fishing effort and catch and categorizing at sea releases. EM data are integrated with dockside monitoring and fisher log data to detail catch for quota management. EM data and reports are prepared by Archipelago and the results are shared with DFO and industry stakeholders.
Throughout the program history, Archipelago has met regularly with industry and DFO representatives to discuss the program, identify challenges or areas of opportunity for improved data collection, and ensure the program is meeting its objectives. Program summaries were prepared by Archipelago and provided to fishery advisory committee meetings to facilitate program implementation, development and review. The groundfish trawl EM program continues to evolve with changes in the fishery and management requirements.