Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Look for a red flashing LED on the connector end of the unit. If you do not see a flashing red LED, the unit is in sleep mode and may not be receiving power. If you see a solid red light, contact Archipelago Support (
  2. When you connect the unit to power, listen for 5 short beeps. If you hear 5 beeps when you apply power, the device is on and ready to record data.
  3. If you want to validate that your LIME unit is transmitting data, please send us an email ( In order for us to validate your LIME unit, it must be connected to power on your vessel and the unit must be powered on. As well, you need to be subscribed to a data plan through our online store at Please ensure those steps are completed prior to reaching out for validation. In the future, we will be providing skippers access to our FishVue Fleet tool in order to self-validate your data transmission and see past vessel data.

It may take around 5 days after you have been approved by the State for your unit to arrive.

Please contact; in the email subject please indicate you want to know your tracking number, and in the email body please let us know your registration email address if it is different from the one you are contacting us with.

Please contact; in the email subject please indicate you have a damaged/inoperable LIME Unit and in the email body, please indicate the LIME unit serial number. Archipelago will contact you about a replacement unit.

Your LIME unit will begin transmitting data within 12 hours once the unit has been installed and you have signed up for a data plan.

Yes, you will have to carry a LIME device as well. LIME collects data differently to most VMS systems. For Washington and California, the state-level requirements are to carry a LIME device. For all other states, please contact Archipelago or your state regulator for advice. 

It is recommended to keep your LIME device powered at all times to ensure that the device is operating properly. The operating power draw on this device is extremely low, less than 0.04A (0.5W).

The LIME system collects a mix of positional and gear activity measurement. This data is transmitted securely to both your state regulator for their review as well as to the Fleet dashboard to ensure you have total access to the data being collected off your vessel.

Yes, we have created any easy to follow along video outlining all the steps for your respective state.

California Process

Washington State Process

For all other states, please get in touch with Archipelago or your state regulator for advice. 


The LIME system should be installed inside the cabin of your vessel in a location protected from sea-spray and water and with a clear view of the sky, such as under a forward window. The system should be mounted away from any large electronics (e.g. Radar systems) and oriented with the green LIME sticker facing the sky.

Pressure sensor install instructions can be found here. The pressure sensor you received with your LIME unit should be installed in the feed line of your hauling gear. Depending on how your vessel hydraulic system is set up, this can be done in the engine room or between the control valve and the hauler at the deck feed. Where possible, try to install the sensor in a location protected from elements.

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