Marine monitoring

Monitoring environmental change and evaluating design performance

As part of a sustainable development strategy, Archipelago can monitor the marine environment before, during, and after construction activities to help minimize any disruption to local marine habitat. Archipelago also offers long-term marine monitoring services to evaluate the effectiveness of habitat mitigation and compensation strategies, measure environmental change, and assess ecosystem health. To learn more about how Archipelago can help you, contact us.

Marine monitoring services:

  • Client, construction contractor and regulatory agency liaison
  • Environmental management plan development and third-party review
  • Environmental construction monitoring, and post-construction impact assessment
  • Habitat construction monitoring (before and during program design and implementation)
  • Post habitat construction monitoring (performance evaluation including program design and implementation)
  • Change detection studies (e.g. monitoring change in eelgrass beds over time)
  • Long term marine ecosystem health monitoring
  • Video survey monitoring and interpretation
  • Monitoring protocol development for industry (e.g. finfish aquaculture)

Case studies

Visit the portfolio for examples of marine monitoring and other Archipelago services, or check out the examples below.

Rocky reef construction

With a natural habitat bank planned for Greater Victoria’s Esquimalt Harbour, Archipelago —in partnership with SNC Lavalin—was contracted to help design, construct, and monitor three new rocky reefs…

Long term monitoring

When preparing to build a liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facility near Kitimat, British Columbia, Chevron Canada worked with Archipelago to implement a long term marine monitoring program…

Eelgrass monitoring

As part of a biodiversity monitoring and assessment project near the site of a proposed LNG export facility, Archipelago introduced a plan to monitor the health of nearby eelgrass communities over time…

Deltaport habitat compensation

Habitat compensation

To limit the ecological impacts of the Deltaport Third Berth terminal expansion project, Port Metro Vancouver developed a Habitat Compensation Plan that required compensatory habitats for nearby fish and eelgrass communities...