Studies, white papers, and publications

Archipelago Marine Research contributes to a range of studies, white papers, and publications addressing the challenges and opportunities of sustainable marine resource management. The following selection lists some recent highlights.

Fisheries monitoring publications

Guiding principles for development of effective commercial fishery monitoring programs

(2015) E. A. Zollett, R. J. Trumble, J. H. Swasey, S. Stebbins

Guiding principles for effective monitoring programs (pdf)

(2011) S. Stebbins contributed to this study prepared by MRAG Americas for the Environmental Defense Fund

The advantages of an audit over a census approach to the review of video Imagery in fishery monitoring

(2011) R. D. Stanley (Pacific Biological Station, Fisheries and Oceans Canada), H. McElderry (Archipelago Marine Research), T. Mawani (Fisheries and Oceans Canada), J. Koolman

Evaluating the reliability and equitability of at-sea observer release reports in the BC offshore groundfish trawl fishery

(2010) M. Grinnell

Monitoring the Gulf of Mexico commercial reef fish fishery

(2009) S. Stebbins, R. J. Trumble, and B. Turris

Marine environmental publications

Nearshore aquatic habitat monitoring: a seabed imaging and mapping approach

(2011) T. A. Nelson (University of Victoria), S. N. Gillanders (University of British Columbia), J. Harper (Coastal and Ocean Resources Inc), M. Morris (Archipelago Marine Research)

Oil spill response techniques for BC coastal wetlands

(2006)  J. Harper (Coastal and Ocean Resources Inc.), M. Morris (Archipelago Marine Research)

Electronic monitoring publications

The US Shore–based Whiting EM Program 2004–2010: What Did We Learn?
(2014) H. McElderry, M. Beck, J. Schrader
(2012) M. Piasente, B. Stanley, T. Timmiss, H. McElderry, M.J. Pria, M. Dyas
(2011) H. McElderry, M. Beck, M.J. Pria, S.A. Anderson

A pilot study using electronic monitoring (EM) in the Hawaiian longline fishery (pdf)
(2010) H. McElderry, M. J. Pria, M. Dyas, R. McVeigh

Morro Bay/Port San Luis exempted fishing permit electronic monitoring pilot project report for the Pacific Fisheries Management Council (pdf)
(2011) S. Rienecke, M. Bell (The Nature Conservancy), M. J. Pria, J. Bryan, H. McElderry (Archipelago Marine Research)

Using electronic monitoring to estimate reef fish catch on bottom longline vessels in the Gulf of Mexico: a pilot study

(2008) M. J. Pria, H. McElderry, M. Dyas, P. Wesley