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Headquartered in Victoria since 1978, Archipelago is a long-standing BC employer. Through additional offices at each of British Columbia’s busiest fishing ports, and its Asia Pacific subsidiary in Australia, Archipelago maintains a staff of 120+ industry professionals including biologists, at-sea observers, dockside monitors, technicians, and more. Archipelago provides observer training (with full government certification) for at-sea and dockside monitoring staff, and maintains the highest standards for quality service and professional conduct.


VICTORIA, BC and KAILUA, HI July 20, 2021

Archipelago, a global provider of marine resource management products and services and Ai.Fish, a software startup developing artificial intelligence tools for marine conservation and ocean science, have announced a formal partnership to focus on the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) within electronic monitoring (EM) in commercial fisheries.

“In recent years, EM has grown slowly with a key challenge being the large volumes of data being captured during a fishing trip and the high cost that comes with analysing that data,” said Archipelago President and CEO, Gord Snell. “By partnering with Ai.Fish, we believe we can harness their experience within AI and our knowledge of large, operational EM programs to utilize AI and greatly reduce the costs associated with data analysis. This will reduce the overall cost of EM programs and lead to broader adoption of the technology worldwide.”

“Archipelago brings a wealth of knowledge to the table surrounding EM programs and with our team’s technical knowledge on deploying AI solutions, we are confident that together we will be able to move the AI needle very quickly in commercial fisheries,” stated Jimmy Freese, CEO of Ai.Fish. “We have witnessed an explosion of interest in fisheries AI in the last 3 years and a number of excellent pilot projects that have been funded through government agencies and NGOs. Through this partnership, we want to expand on these pilots and showcase the benefits and efficiencies that AI can bring to operational programs with a large volume of participating vessels.”

Archipelago pioneered EM in the late 1990’s and have continued to be a global leader in the advancement of the technology for more than 20 years. They currently support 500+ vessels carrying their EM products. Through their data review software, EM Interpret (EMI), clients review more EM fisheries data each year than any other software tool in the world. In 2017, Archipelago partnered with Marine Instruments in Spain to develop and deliver the next-generation of EM hardware solutions and together they continue to work towards the advancement of the EM Ecosystem through existing and future clients.

Ai.Fish is a software startup aiming to harness the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning research to address problems in marine sustainability and conservation. In 2020, with support from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Ai.Fish developed machine learning and computer vision algorithms for analyzing EM video, demonstrating the efficacy of AI technology in streamlining the EM review process through initial user trials in Hawaii. This partnership will enable them to deploy and test their AI processing at scale with feedback from users in a broad range of fisheries.

In an effort to advance the utilization of AI within fisheries, Archipelago will continue to support other AI advancement efforts throughout the industry such as The Nature Conservancy’s Fishnet initiative (

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Archipelago Launches Low-Cost Fisheries Monitoring Device. LIME To Reduce Cost-Barrier For Fisheries Monitoring and Offer BRNKL Functionality

Archipelago, a global provider of marine resource management products and services, has announced the launch of their first low-cost electronic monitoring device – LIME (Lite Integrated Monitoring Equipment). This new hardware represents an entry-level monitoring solution for fisheries looking to introduce electronic monitoring within their fleet.

Through Archipelago’s partnership with Barnacle Systems of Victoria, BC, LIME will be the first device of its kind to enable vessel owners to monitor both fishing activity as well as provide 24-hour vessel monitoring and security for their vessel. Monitoring and security is provided through the award-winning BRNKL software and mobile app that is integrated into LIME at no additional cost to LIME customers.

‘With the ongoing growth in EM, we are excited to be expanding our EM hardware lineup with the introduction of LIME to fisheries around the world,” said Archipelago President and CEO, Gord Snell. “Providing the BRNKL functionality onboard LIME will provide vessel operators 24 hour-a-day peace of mind that their vessel is safe and secure while also providing world-class fisheries monitoring capabilities. LIME is the first EM product of its kind in the world to offer this capability and we are thrilled to offer this service to our clients.”

LIME is offered in two models – indoor, for placement in a vessel’s wheelhouse or the outdoor model which can be mounted anywhere on the vessel and is IP66 rated. The unit is enabled with GPS, global cellular connectivity, digital and analog sensor inputs and is RFID capable. With a small footprint, (3” Wide x 4”Long), LIME can be mounted almost anywhere on the vessel. The included security and monitoring features include battery bank monitoring, bilge/high water alerts, and shore power monitoring at no extra-cost. Wireless security sensors can be added to vessels for a small additional cost.

“Archipelago is a global leader in electronic monitoring, and we are proud to partner with them to deliver our award-winning BRNKL product to commercial fishing vessels around the world,” said Brandon Wright, CEO of Barnacle Systems. “We have been providing security and monitoring to recreational, industrial and military vessels in over 30 countries for the last 4 years and this entry into the fisheries market is an exciting one for our team.”

The standard model of LIME will be offered at $1,499 CAD ($1,299 USD) and the outdoor model for $1,699 CAD ($1,499 USD) with a monthly data subscription starting at $59 CAD ($49 USD). Flexible pricing models will be available to reduce the upfront cost of the hardware depending on project requirements and project contract duration. LIME will begin shipping to clients March 15, 2021.

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Archipelago, a global provider of marine resource management products and services, is pleased to announce the completion of a management buyout with the senior leadership group, establishing a new generation of owners.

Building on the 40+ years of Archipelago’s success under the current management team, this transaction provides the foundation for the next phase of Archipelago’s mission of providing industry leading products and services to our partners and clients.
“We are excited to step into this next chapter at Archipelago with the support of the exiting founders and partners, our great leadership team, and all our staff around the globe,” said Gord Snell, President and CEO at Archipelago. “Continuing the legacy created by the prior owners is a priority for Archipelago. We want to ensure our clients continue to receive the same high-level of service and support they have become accustomed to in working with Archipelago.”

The agreement was completed in May with President and CEO, Gord Snell, CFO, Wes Wong and Vice President, Scott Buchanan initiating the process of acquiring the company from founders, Brian Emmett, Howard McElderry and Shawn Stebbins. This new group brings close to 40 years of experience at Archipelago to the
ownership table.

“In planning the transition of the business into the future we wanted the organization to remain employee owned and independent to preserve the spirit of what we developed over the last 40 years,” said past- President Shawn Stebbins. “We are very pleased to see the ownership of Archipelago stay within the organization and we have complete confidence the new ownership team will do a great job in building on our past success.”

The new ownership team will continue their operational leadership roles within the company while the exiting owners begin to scale back their involvement in daily operations. In order to assist in the ongoing transition, the founders will continue to be engaged in employee or advisory roles within the company for the foreseeable future as well as participating on the Board of Directors.

VICTORIA, BC, June 3, 2019

Archipelago is pleased to announce that it has appointed Gord Snell to the role of President. In his new role, he will be responsible for the overall operations of Archipelago including its subsidiaries in Australia (Archipelago Asia Pacific) and the United States (Archipelago USA).

After 15 years in the role, Shawn Stebbins, will step down as President and will continue to work with Archipelago on business development and project fulfillment while supporting a seamless transition into the President position for Gord. “Our Board of Directors is very pleased to see Gord assume the President role here at Archipelago. He is a strong proponent of business innovation and he brings a diverse background in technology and operational leadership to the role,” said Brian Emmett, Chair of the Archipelago Board of Directors.

“Gord has shown great success in leading our Monitoring Technologies division over the last 3 years and we are confident he will lead the continued success of Archipelago as a whole in this new role,” said Emmett.
Mr. Snell joined Archipelago in 2014 and has been involved in strategic planning, business development efforts and operational decisions across the organization since his arrival. His previous career experience includes nearly 20 years working for Shaw Communications in senior operational and sales roles in Alberta and British Columbia. “I look forward to continuing the 40-year legacy that has been created here at Archipelago and will strive to deliver on our ongoing commitments to our clients and partners that are the backbone of our company,” said Mr. Snell. “I’m excited to lead a team that is so focused on delivering quality products and services and always looking for new ways to provide better value to our clients.”

Mr. Snell’s experience within Archipelago and throughout his career will be invaluable as Archipelago works to support further modernization of global fisheries and environmental monitoring. Archipelago is focused on delivering a combination of best-in-class products and reliable on-site services to clients across the globe. Mr.
Snell’s background and the experience of the Senior Executive team at Archipelago will help support the seamless delivery of this vision.

VICTORIA, BC, June 13, 2017

A New Force Emerges to Manage and Deliver Best Practices for Global Fisheries Monitoring. MARINE INSTRUMENTS AND ARCHIPELAGO FORM A STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP.

Archipelago and Marine Instruments (MI) are now working together to enable ongoing advancement and implementation of Electronic Monitoring (EM) technology around the world. Marine Instruments brings a strong worldwide presence in the marine industry as well as years of technical innovation in marine electronics. Archipelago pioneered EM technology, and are recognized experts in the design and implementation of EM programs in all fishery types. This business arrangement allows for further advancement of EM technology throughout the world and increased adoption of EM as a viable solution for fisheries monitoring. The formal agreement was signed by both organizations in Victoria, BC, Canada on June 2, 2017.

“The fisheries industry needs more effective and efficient monitoring,” explained Mr. Gabriel Gómez, Marine Instruments General Manager, “Our new arrangement with Archipelago ensures we are meeting that need – now and into the future.”

Complementary Skills Serve the Commercial Fishing Industry Better

“The alliance allows each company to focus on our complementary strengths in a way that ensures high quality, cost-effective EM programs,” says Howard McElderry, Archipelago’s VP of Monitoring Technologies, “this is a big win for fisheries sustainability around the world.”

A key element of this agreement involves the transfer of EM intellectual property (details on media site) from Archipelago to Marine Instruments. Marine Instruments’ expertise in research, design and high volume manufacturing of high quality marine electronics gives the industry a focused leader in EM technology to improve capability, increase production and reduce user costs. Archipelago brings their years of EM experience to work closely with Marine Instruments to help develop new products and create best-in-class quality products. Archipelago will continue to own and manage the development of its EM Interpret (EMI) data review software outside of this agreement.

Together, Archipelago and Marine Instruments build on their reputations for excellence in the application of electronic monitoring technology in commercial fisheries worldwide and look forward to leading the EM industry into a new era.

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