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The EM Observe control center product line has been the heart of our EM system for the last 15 years with multiple upgraded product lines and advancements., It records data securely, and monitors the status of sensors to trigger recording from up to eight cameras.

Purpose built for commercial fishing vessels, EM Observe™ has been deployed on over 600 vessels for tens of thousands of fishing days of proven performance.

Suitable for anything from small inshore fishing boats to large pelagic vessels, the Archipelago® EM Observe™ v5.0 electronic monitoring system includes a GPS receiver, multiple equipment sensors, and up to eight digital video cameras, all linked to an onboard control centre.

Equipped with Archipelago’s EM Record™ data logging software, this monitoring system manages and logs fishing activity data, while providing wheelhouse crew with a real-time view of key fishing activities on deck. As part of an integrated fishery-management program, this advanced technology provides the tools to create a clear and accurate profile of all fishing activity at sea.

The Archipelago® EM Observe™ v5.0 electronic monitoring system is Ideal for vessels where an onboard observer would be too costly or impractical, the EM Observe™ electronic monitoring system offers a versatile and cost-effective alternative. Quiet, compact, and reliable, each EM Observe™ system incorporates the highest-quality components, including rugged, weatherproof video cameras, GPS, uninterruptable power supply, and equipment sensors for monitoring activity like hydraulic pressure and drum rotation.

The control centre monitors equipment status, and automatically records data anytime fishing activity is detected. All video, sensor, and GPS data is recorded securely to a portable hard drive, where it can be retrieved for review and interpretation once the vessel returns to port. An option to encrypt fishing activity data ensures that all information remains safe and secure.

Features & Specifications

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Create a trip profile with GPS, sensors, and up to eight CCTV digital video cameras
Log gear deployment, catch, bycatch, discards, and handling
Confirm the exact time and location of each fishing event
Set custom modes for specific fishing activities and gear types
Provide wheelhouse crew with a real-time view of all fishing activities on deck
Protect fishing records with an uninterruptable power supply and secure data encryption
Configure each system to suit specific vessel, gear type, and activities
Install or upgrade cameras and sensors quickly and easily
Provide power through a single AC or DC connection

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