Fleet is a product for technical support users across agencies, industry, skippers and service providers who need real-time data and notifications to monitor, regulate and practice fishing sustainably and profitably. Fleet allows its users to view current and historical fishing vessel activity updated in real-time so that users can make decisions and take action faster than ever before possible.


Quickly locate the latest positions of your vessels
View vessel track data
Manage vessel memberships in fleets or sub fleets
Access to timely data
Customer specific reports and summaries

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FishVue InterpretTM Monitoring Software

FishVue Interpret TMis our comprehensive analysis tool for reviewing EM data. FishVue Interpret operates on a standard PC and allows for the visualization of EM datasets to easily examine specific events in greater detail. FishVue Interpret lets reviewers record observations while reviewing the data and is easily configured for the specific needs of any project. FishVue Interpret was developed to increase the efficiency of the data review process. A typical fishing trip may generate hundreds of hours of data, but FishVue Interpret allows reviewers to easily navigate large data sets, identify events of interest, and summarize their observations at a fraction of real time.

FishVue FLOAT (ELOG)TM monitoring system

Fishing Log on a Tablet (FLOAT) TMis Archipelago’s custom electronic fishing log application. FishVue FLOAT allows vessel operators to enter and submit their fishing log information electronically. The application gives access to audits, species identification materials, and retains log data from previous trips for future reference. FishVue FLOAT is designed for the Android tablet platform and operators are responsible for purchasing and maintaining their own tablet.