Archipelago, the leader in Fisheries Monitoring, has produced an innovative new system to bring more convenience to data collection from your small vessel. FishVue Mobile is a rugged, single-camera device with custom mounting hardware for ease of mounting and durability on the water. Wi-Fi and cellular connections are available for an easy and cost-effective way to transmit data.

Archipelago has specifically created the software for FishVue Mobile, based on over 20 years of experience in Electronic Monitoring to be customizable, easy to use, and possess a full suite of fisheries data collection features.

FishVue Mobile will gather data related to fishing effort, including date, time, and location, while the high-quality imagery will provide essential data on retained and discarded catch, plus catch handling. The device caters to vessels that require professional-level monitoring but either cannot afford or support a traditional EM system as found on the market today.



Features & Specifications

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Rugged tablet-based EM System
Catered towards smaller vessels
Versatile mounting and enclosure options
WiFi/Cellular data upload directly from app
Single on board camera plus GPS


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FishVue Vantage

FishVue Vantage , is a mid-level, low-cost electronic monitoring (EM)device deployable on small to medium size vessels. It is designed to support multiple High Definition cameras, with 2-way cellular connectivity to enable real-time access from shore to check system information and view vessel activity through Archipelago's FishVue Fleet web-based tool.

FISHVUE LIME(Lite Integrated Monitoring Equipment)

FishVue LIME , (Lite Integrated Monitoring Equipment) is a low-cost data collection platform that allows fleet managers, fisheries managers and enforcement managers to monitor and access critical fisheries-related activity in real-time. FishVue LIME was designed to fit on a variety of vessels.

FishVue InterpretTM Monitoring Software

FishVue Interpret TMis our comprehensive analysis tool for reviewing EM data. FishVue Interpret operates on a standard PC and allows for the visualization of EM datasets to easily examine specific events in greater detail. FishVue Interpret lets reviewers record observations while reviewing the data and is easily configured for the specific needs of any project. FishVue Interpret was developed to increase the efficiency of the data review process. A typical fishing trip may generate hundreds of hours of data, but FishVue Interpret allows reviewers to easily navigate large data sets, identify events of interest, and summarize their observations at a fraction of real time.