Marine Observe


Developed in partnership with Marine Instruments, the Archipelago, MarineObserve serves as the new backbone for all future EM hardware advancements.

Featuring WiFi, 4G, satellite communications, and integration with electronic logbooks, MarineObserve is the next generation control center for commercial fisheries monitoring. Its modular design allows for a future-proof approach for years to come allowing our clients to feel confident that they will always have access to the latest EM technologies.

Marine Observe is an electronic monitoring system that allows you to record all fishing operations safely and efficiently. The system stores high definition images and video with all the information collected during the fishing trip such as location, speed, or sensor status.

Features & Specifications

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Autonomous and integrated EM solution
Possibility to visualize images in real-time from the bridge
Security and confidentiality of information guaranteed.
Video imagery from multiple cameras
Robust modular system, highly configurable
WIFI/3G/4G and satellite with global coverage
Back up batteries
Integration with VMS Iridium with global coverage
Full HD imagery and Video
Integration with e-logbook

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FishVue Vantage

FishVue Vantage , is a mid-level, low-cost electronic monitoring (EM)device deployable on small to medium size vessels. It is designed to support multiple High Definition cameras, with 2-way cellular connectivity to enable real-time access from shore to check system information and view vessel activity through Archipelago's FishVue Fleet web-based tool.


FishVue Mobile , will gather data related to fishing effort, including date, time, and location, while the high-quality imagery will provide essential data on retained and discarded catch, plus catch handling. Rugged tablet-based EM System that is catered towards smaller vessels and offers versatile mounting and enclosure options. You will be able to upload directly from the app using either Wi-fi or cellular data.

FISHVUE LIME(Lite Integrated Monitoring Equipment)

FishVue LIME , (Lite Integrated Monitoring Equipment) is a low-cost data collection platform that allows fleet managers, fisheries managers and enforcement managers to monitor and access critical fisheries-related activity in real-time. FishVue LIME was designed to fit on a variety of vessels.