Shellfish Dockside-Monitoring Programs

Archipelago supports catch and shellfish dockside monitoring programs for a range of British Columbia fisheries, including the BC geoduck and shrimp fisheries.

Geoduck dockside monitoring program (1989–present)

In 1989 the geoduck fishery on the west coast began an experimental Individual Transferable Quota program whereby the quota was distributed equally among the 55 geoduck licence holders. The geoduck fishermen, represented by the Underwater Harvesters Association, contracted Archipelago to set up and conduct a shellfish dockside monitoring system for the 4-6 million pounds of geoduck landed at a variety of ports in BC. Since 1989, the company has continually provided port monitoring services for the geoduck fishery. Archipelago is responsible for collecting landing information, fishing information and maintaining the Geoduck Fishery Database, which provides up-to-date landing information for each license and fishery management area.

For more information on BC’s geoduck fishery, visit the Underwater Harvesters Association.

Shrimp catch monitoring program (1997–present)

In 1997, Archipelago was contracted by the Pacific Coast Shrimper’s Co-operative Association to establish a catch monitoring program for all trawl caught shrimp on the BC coast. DFO established Shrimp Management Areas for the first time and allocated catch ceilings for these areas. A hail system was set up to receive calls from vessels before and after fishing. This vessel activity information is reported to DFO daily. A landing record collection and reporting system was also established to track shrimp trawl landings by area. The Shrimp Catch Monitoring Program collects and reports on information for approximately 4,000 landings per year.