Overview of project:

Since 2005 Archipelago has partnered with the Stewardship Centre for BC in the development and implementation of Green Shores (www.greenshores.ca), a credit and rating program for sustainable coastal design and development. The Green Shores program provides resources and tools for coastal land-owners and managers to minimize development impacts and restore coastal ecosystem function to coastal sites, by promoting the incorporation of valued ecosystem services. Green Shores is based on four Guiding Principles:

1. Preserve the integrity or connectivity of coastal processes.
2. Maintain or enhance habitat diversity and function (on a local or regional scale).
3. Minimize or reduce pollutants to the marine environment.
4. Reduce cumulative impacts to the coastal environment.

Archipelago’s key role in this program has been leading and coordinating the Technical Working Group which developed the Green Shores for Coastal Development rating system for larger coastal developments and Parks as well as Green Shores for Homes, a credit and rating system for single waterfront properties currently being implemented in British Columbia and Washington State. In addition, Archipelago staff provide training in these two rating systems through the University of British Columbia Continuing Studies program.