Project Overview:

In 2021, Archipelago, partnered with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), embarked on a journey to test the efficacy of the FishVue LIME system. This innovative tool aimed to improve the accuracy and consistency of data collection, leading to the modernization of the management of the coastal WA Commercial Dungeness crab fishery. 

During pilot projects in 2021 and 2022, on two and ten vessels, respectively, the FishVue LIME system proved its mettle by accurately recording fishing locations and tracking the number of pots fished under mandatory trap limits. The EM project also enabled WDFW to evaluate spatial fishery data, leading to strategies to minimize interactions with marine mammals. These key achievements were instrumental in WDFW’s decision to consider the projects successful.  In the summer of 2023, WDFW successfully implemented EM regulations for the coastal WA Commercial Dungeness crab fishery, and California also implemented monitoring of their Dungeness Crab Fleet.

Today, Archipelago LIME systems provide near-real-time monitoring on 209 active vessels in Washington and 123 in California.