Project Overview:
In 1998, the DFO implemented a commercial salmon catch reporting program for all South Coast commercial salmon fisheries. This program required commercial salmon fishers to record their retained catch, at sea releases, and time and location information in a DFO Salmon Logbook for all fishing activities. There was also a requirement for fishers to report their catch and release information by telephone immediately following each opening. In 1999 and 2000 DFO contracted Archipelago to print and distribute the South Coast Salmon logbooks and set up and manage a telephone service to collect in-season catch reports. Phone-in information was recorded into a central DFO database via web based (intranet) input screens. This provided catch data on a timely basis so that it could be used for in-season management of the fisheries. In 2001, the program was expanded coast wide, since that time Archipelago has provided catch reporting services to the commercial salmon fleet in BC.