Project Overview:
Archipelago was involved in three rigorous survey programs: an Ecosystem Health Assessment, Long Term Monitoring Program, and Biodiversity Monitoring and Assessment Program (BMAP). The Ecosystem Health Assessment was developed to use biological indicators to benchmark the health of the local marine ecosystem prior to development. The Long-Term Monitoring Program centered on the collection and analysis of synoptic water, sediment, and biota quality data in Bish Cove, Emsley Cove (as a reference site), Kitimat Arm, and two nearby creeks. BMAP was an interdisciplinary initiative between Archipelago, University of Northern British Columbia, and the Smithsonian Institute. This initiative was developed to gather information about the status and trends of habitats, ecosystems and species at the project location before, during and after construction. During this work Archipelago collaborated with Haisla First Nations on the technical field surveys.