LIME (Lite Integrated Monitoring Equipment) is a low-cost data collection platform that allows fleet managers, fisheries managers and enforcement managers to monitor and access critical fisheries-related activity in real-time. LIME was designed to fit on a variety of vessels. Its minimal footprint makes it ideal for smaller boats without the space for a full-scale EM system, or in fisheries where the frequency or intensity of fishing is cost-prohibitive to full-scale Electronic Monitoring (e.g. few fishing trips per vessel, low catch rates etc.).

LIME is the first device of its kind to enable vessel owners to monitor both fishing activity as well as provide 24-hour vessel monitoring and security for their vessel. Monitoring and security is provided through the award-winning BRNKL software and mobile app that is integrated into LIME at no additional cost.

LIME is offered in two models – indoor, for placement in a vessel’s wheelhouse or the outdoor model which can be mounted anywhere on the vessel and is IP66 rated. The unit is enabled with GPS, global cellular connectivity, digital and analog sensor inputs and is RFID capable. With a small footprint, (3” Wide x 4”Long), LIME can be mounted almost anywhere on the vessel. The included security and monitoring features include battery bank monitoring, bilge/high water alerts, and shore power monitoring at no extra-cost. Wireless security sensors can be added to vessels.

Features & Specifications

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Low-Cost, Entry Level EM Solution
3” Wide x 4”Long
Offered In Either Indoor Or Outdoor Models
Integrated GPS
Vessel Monitoring And Security
Near Real-time Data Transfer
Integrated Sensor Inputs
Still Imagery Capability
Global Cellular Coverage
Satellite And RFID Ready


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EM Interpret (EMI)TM Monitoring Software

EM Interpret TMis our comprehensive analysis tool for reviewing EM data. EMI operates on a standard PC and allows for the visualization of EM datasets to easily examine specific events in greater detail. EMI lets reviewers record observations while reviewing the data and is easily configured for the specific needs of any project. EMI was developed to increase the efficiency of the data review process. A typical fishing trip may generate hundreds of hours of data, but EMI allows reviewers to easily navigate large data sets, identify events of interest, and summarize their observations at a fraction of real time.

Marine ObserveTM Monitoring System

Built by Marine Instruments in collaboration with Archipelago, Marine ObserveTM , will serve as the backbone for all future EM advancements. Featuring WiFi, 4G, satellite communications, and integration with electronic logbooks, MarineObserve is the next generation of control center for commercial fisheries monitoring.

EM ObserveTM Monitoring System

The EM ObserveTM control center is the heart of our EM system, recording data securely, and monitoring the status of sensors to trigger recording from up to eight cameras. Purpose built for commercial fishing vessels, EM Observe has been deployed on over 600 vessels for tens of thousands of fishing days of proven performance.