Electronic monitoring

Monitor. Log. Review.

An automated monitoring solution

Whether you’re monitoring several boats or an entire fleet, Archipelago Marine Research can help you plan, launch, and manage your electronic monitoring (EM) program. Archipelago offers training, consulting, and certified data-review services, plus all the specialized equipment and software you need to monitor and review fishing activity at sea.

Archipelago is the industry leader in electronic monitoring products and services for commercial fisheries worldwide. Based on more than 30 years experience in training and managing certified onboard observers, Archipelago understands the challenges facing today’s fishing industry, and knows how to design and deliver an environmentally sound solution that’s right for fisheries and industry regulators alike.


CCTV camera

EM Observe™ monitoring system

The EM Observe™ electronic monitoring system uses video cameras, gear sensors, and GPS to create an integrated profile of a vessel’s fishing activity at sea. An onboard control centre monitors all inputs, and logs relevant events and video footage for later review and verification.


EM Record™ data logging software

The EM Record™ data logging software automatically produces a detailed record of all key fishing operations including times, places, and equipment activity (for example, winches, pumps, and lifts), while providing the information to help identify specific catch details.


EM Interpret™ data review software

To streamline the review process, EM Interpret™ integrates all GPS, sensor, and video data, and synchronizes them along a single timeline for easy reference. Designed for reviewers, EM Interpret reduces the time required to process and review fishing activity records.


Monitor fishing activity…

  • Log sets, hauls, and sorting
  • View catch, bycatch, and discards
  • Verify fishing times and locations
  • Identify size and species of catch
  • Enforce license conditions
  • Review quota-management efforts
  • Assess protected-species interactions
  • Display fishing activity in real-time



  • Integrate GPS, sensors, and cameras
  • Customize for vessel, gear type, and activity
  • Provide power through a single connection
  • Evaluate system performance for each trip
  • Manage power usage
  • Secure records with UPS and data encryption





Trust Archipelago to help design and manage your electronic monitoring program

With more than 600 electronic monitoring systems deployed in fisheries around the world, Archipelago has the technical expertise and real–world experience to ensure a smooth, cost-effective implementation. Your Archipelago project manager will guide your team through each stage of planning, implementing, and maintaining an electronic monitoring program that is right for your fishery, vessels, catch, and gear types.

Archipelago’s EM experts will guide you through each phase, from program design to equipment installation, stakeholder training, and data review. Archipelago offers instruction, consulting, and certified data–review services, plus all the equipment you need to monitor and review your fleet’s fishing activity at sea. As the program matures, your Archipelago program manager will work with your team to enhance operational efficiency, control costs, fine–tune data quality, and help your fishery make the most of its data.

  • Assess your data needs and project scope
  • Develop an EM program that’s right for your fishery
  • Manage your data and optimize your investment

A tradition of innovation

Since introducing its CCTV-based solution more than a decade ago, Archipelago has continually refined this technology, deploying more than 600 electronic monitoring systems, and recording more than 40,000 sea days each year.

As the industry pioneer and leading provider of electronic monitoring products and services for fisheries, Archipelago maintains a portfolio of CCTV-based fisheries monitoring programs throughout North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Over the years, Archipelago’s industry-proven fisheries monitoring technology has performed consistently and reliably within some of the worlds most challenging climates and conditions–from Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico, the South Pacific, the Indian Ocean, and beyond.


CCTV digital fishing imagery

Case studies

Archipelago helps fisheries to accurately account for all catch—including fish discarded at sea—and enables fishermen to verify quotas, eliminate waste, and encourage selective fishing practices. Visit the portfolio for examples of these and other Archipelago applications, or check out the examples below.

ISSF CCTV install

Catch monitoring in the Pacific whiting fishery

The US West Coast mid-water trawl fishery for Pacific whiting has adopted electronic monitoring to help manage quotas, reduce discards, and control costs. Introduced as an automated alternative to onboard observers more than a decade ago, this monitoring initiative is helping to ensure the long-term livelihood of local fishermen, while setting a global benchmark for responsible fishing practices around the world.

electronic monitoring

Alaska longliners pitch for electronic monitoring

A group of Sitka and Homer longliners hope to demonstrate this season that electronic monitoring can collect most of the data needed for managing the hook and line fisheries. The pilot project is part of an ongoing effort by the Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association and other longline groups to integrate electronic monitoring as an alternative to having observers aboard boats that longline for sablefish and halibut…

EMN camera views

Managing catch quotas in English fisheries

A Catch Quota Project in England is tracking “total catch” at sea to help support responsible resource management within commercial fisheries. Rather than just counting the fish that make it to the dock, the Catch Quota Project equips each vessel with an electronic monitoring system to accurately account for all catch—including fish discarded at sea— and help fishermen verify quotas, eliminate waste, and encourage selective fishing practices…


Installing a monitoring system

Reducing discards in BC's groundfish fishery

To ensure the long-term sustainability of British Columbia’s groundfish fishery, Fisheries and Oceans Canada worked with Archipelago to introduce an at-sea monitoring program that would accurately assess at-sea fishing activity across the entire fishery. Participating vessels could automatically contribute species-specific catch data that would help improve the accuracy of fisheries resource assessments within each sector…