EM Interpret (EMI)


EM Interpret™
An at-sea electronic monitoring system produces a lot of data to sort, manage, and review; that’s why Archipelago created the EM Interpret™ software as a companion to the Archipelago® EM Observe™ electronic monitoring system and Marine Instruments Marine Observe™. With EM Interpret v2.2, reviewers can quickly follow vessel cruise tracks, verify gear deployment times and locations, and confirm “kept and discarded” catch records.

Each application is custom configured to suit your specific fishery, gear type, and regional requirements (including local maps and no-fish zones). To accommodate the varied needs of EM reviewers and EM system technicians, EM Interpret is available in two versions: EM Interpret Pro™ and EM Interpret Lite™.

EM Interpret Pro™
EM Interpret Pro streamlines the review process, transforming months of sensor and video data into a clear and accurate assessment of fishing activity at sea. Click between GPS, video, and sensor data at any point; EM Interpret Pro synchronizes all data along a single timeline for easy reference.

Designed for professional fisheries reviewers and researchers, EM Interpret Pro includes powerful data management and annotation features. Efficiently navigate weeks of fishing records to quickly spot relevant activities, add your own annotations, save video excerpts, and generate trip summaries for further analysis, reporting, or integration into a sustainable fisheries management program.

EM Interpret Lite™
For those who need fast access to EM data, but don’t need to save or view annotations, Archipelago created EM Interpret Lite. Designed for quick, easy access in the office or at the dock, EM Interpret Lite provides a powerful reference tool for fisheries officers, program managers, field technicians, scientists, and researchers.

Optimized for laptop or standard workstation PC, EM Interpret Lite offers a choice of viewing modes: standard mode highlights key fishing activity (including sensor, video, and cruise track data), while technician mode provides a diagnostic view of the EM system itself (including sensor functionality and performance details).

Through an integrated interface of graphs, videos, and maps, EM Interpret Lite provides the tools to share key fishery information among staff and stakeholders.

Product Specifications

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FEATURES EM Interpret Lite™ EM Interpret Pro™
View fishing activity with video footage  
View equipment activity with sensor data  
View vessel cruise track with GPS mapping  
View skipper notes, and create viewer notes  
View high-res footage from digital cameras  
Clip and save data sets for further review  
Evaluate EM system with technician mode  
Create annotations to identify key events  
View annotations to review key events  
Edit, group, and sort annotations  

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LIME(Lite Integrated Monitoring Equipment)

LIME , (Lite Integrated Monitoring Equipment) is a low-cost data collection platform that allows users to collect and access fishery-related activities in near real-time. LIME was designed to fit on a variety of vessels, with a minimal footprint that makes it ideal for smaller vessels without the space for a full-scale EM system. Integrated into this product is the award winning security product, BRNKL, developed by Barnacle Systems, allowing vessel operators access to safety and security information from their vessel, no matter where they are in the world. Offered in both Indoor or Outdoor (IP66) Models.

Marine ObserveTM Monitoring System

Built by Marine Instruments in collaboration with Archipelago, Marine ObserveTM , will serve as the backbone for all future EM advancements. Featuring WiFi, 4G, satellite communications, and integration with electronic logbooks, MarineObserve is the next generation of control center for commercial fisheries monitoring.

EM ObserveTM Monitoring System

The EM ObserveTM control center is the heart of our EM system, recording data securely, and monitoring the status of sensors to trigger recording from up to eight cameras. Purpose built for commercial fishing vessels, EM Observe has been deployed on over 600 vessels for tens of thousands of fishing days of proven performance.